White Powder PVB Resin

1 period of time Chemical houses colon
Poly lparvinyl alcohol rpar shrink butyl aldehyde beEPT to secondary reactions polymers comma Is sizzling soften variety resin period of time Can sign up for thermosetting resin sort the crosslinking sclerosis each and every other interval The chemical steady performance interval Exceptional resistance to chemical compounds corrosion comma resistance to solvent comma Resistance to EPTexposure comma Oxygen and ozone resistance comma and the inorganic acid and excess fat hydrocarbon part interval

2 period Specific homes colon
lpar1 rpar high transparency colon This solution has large ligEPT transmittance comma 660 mu M EPT ligEPT transmittance in 90 percnt interval
lpar2 rpar into the membranous colon The merchandise has good into model comma Can calendar comma extrusion comma flow ping and grow to be movie coating period
lpar3 rparweather fastness colon This product EPTresistance comma In the character condition is not effortless to getting older period of time
lpar4 rpar cold endurance colon This product is good lower temperature to 60 comma In the minimal temperature keep excellent mechanical power interval
lpar5 rpar use resistance colon A lot more than rubber 10 occasions period
lpar6 rpar bonding sex colon This product to metal comma plastic comma leather-based comma glass comma wooden to hold out to have very good adhesive efficiency time period
lpar7 rpar pigment dispersion colon This merchandise is great to all kinds of pigment of dispersion and steadiness period of time

three time period Application location colon
1 comma Clear substance
2 comma Coating colon lpar1 rpar wooden coatings lpar2 rpar steel paints lpar3 rpar metal primer lpar4 rpar steel foil paint lpar5 rpar vacuum plating coating with steam lpar6 rpar concrete coatings lpar7 rpar watertight coating lpar8 rpar leather-based coating lpar9 rpar the varnish guarded coatings lpar10 rpar powEPTcoatings lpar11 rpar the casting coatings
3 Adhesive colon
lpar1 rpar the glass adhesive lpar2 rpar metallic bonding lpar3 rpar enameled wire circle of bonding lpar4 rpar warmth sealing adhesives lpar5 rpar with trademark printing adhesive lpar6 rpar get sticky film lpar7 rpar stress sensitive type adhesives lpar8 rpar sort scorching soften adhesives
lpar9 rpar other adhesives

4 time period In fiber processing purposes colon
lpar1 rpar Topcoated
lpar2 rpar fiber dealing with agent
lpar3 rpar Cloth of printing and dyeing
lpar4 rpar Other resin ending
lpar5 rpar Elements

five interval Other locations of application colon
lpar1 rpar reflex sexual slim adhesive lpar2 rparDye transfer ink ribbon lpar3 rpar the recording EPT coatings lpar4 rpar the printing paper label pottery lpar5 rpar ink manufacture lpar6 rpar the wooden processing lpar7 rpar the coated cloth lpar8 rpar info recording supplies
lpar9 rpar corrosion wash coating lpar10 rpar automobile surface area fixed

six time period The application of several common sector colon
lpar1 rpar Porcelain of paper with movie lpar2 rpar basic safety glass lpar3 rpar electronic adhesive lpar4 rpar copper clad aluminum foil with glue
lpar5 rpar EPT paint

four period of time The product specification and complex index colon

5 period EPT and transportation colon
one period of time PackageThis merchandise is two levels of EPT comma Lining for plastic film bags comma Outer for plastic sacks lparLined with a layer of plastic film rpar comma The internet weigEPT of every single bag is 12 period5 KG period
2 interval Transportation colon Transportation ought to be carrying comma avert sharp prick EPT comma and must avoid dampness rain and sun
3 period Storage colon This item must be stored in dry and ventilated inside storeroom comma Ought to not be mixed with other produ period Cts set with each other period of time

White Powder PVB Resin

White Powder PVB Resin