TV setting wall is decorated is every family members calls for seriously extremely very much decorate a part, so everyone is very concerned about this kind of decorate. The versatility that a great deal of family members use wall paper will carry out add on, therefore wall paper Television setting wall structure is good-looking? What does wall structure paper of TV establishing wall paper collocation technique possess? Let’s obtain to understand!

Choose a, Television setting wall paper

1. Choose wallpapers from the color of wallpaper

Television wall structure setting should match one another with the style of entire house, in any other case may not coordinate, let whole design become unappealing. The Television placing wall structure color below general circumstance gives priority to with light color, if the choice is definitely too amazing establishing wall structure paper, can trigger bedroom habitant people disposition can be heavy, the feeling becomes extreme rise.

2. Choose picture with great texture

Avoid simply by every means do not choose and purchase wall structure paper of glue face, because the environmental security type of this sort of material is usually poorer. Up coming the permeability of glue face wallpapers is certainly poorer, stick the advantage that become warped extremely very easily after the wall structure and locks are yellow, influence a bedroom gorgeous.

Picture also should have got the effect that sound-absorbing reduces a sound, if host has the hobby that listens to acoustics in the sitting space, choose materials, may choose the wallpaper that can muffler, environmental safety, reduce sound pollution.

3, wallpaper appearance of the factors to consider

Of wall paper combat smut sex and be able to bear or bear to swab the element that must consider when choosing and buying, especially the family that has a child in the house, when choosing, you may use the towel of mini wetness to wipe slightly forcibly, if appear decolorization, take off layer to sole wall paper quality is poor.

2, Television establishing wall structure collocation method

1, the wallpapers that contains normal rural design on wall paper may abate a space too luxurious chilly and great feeling, deserve to go up hollow out the plank of decorative design is symmetrical adornment is in one aspect, harmonious character.

2, if like Chinese design style, may choose and purchase the wall paper of identical Chinese wind, brush personality is written freely the feeling may provide a person grumous 5000 years lifestyle atmosphere.

3, the design of Television setting wall structure and the element of tea table should match, the wallpapers of Europe type decorative design that can Fabric Wall paper cooperate dark firmness, possess luxurious nobility to present low-key and dark again, the finishing stage of lens lens okay series can let metope look more have basic feeling.