Two-Component Super Tire Liquid Crystal Transparent Epoxy Resin Adhesive for Wood Crafts

Two-part Super Tire Liquid Crystal Transparent Epoxy Resin Adhesive for Wood Crafts

MTB- 2103 is a crystal-clear, minimal-viscosity epoxy resin and is produced and dispersed exclusively in premium top quality. MTB-2103 is best for virtually any application. For illustration: in the jewelery sector, table production, for river tables for floors, ponds,aquarium and terrarium development, as properly as for boat, ship and plane construction.

Item (MTB-2103) Epoxy Resin(A ) Epoxy Resin(B )
Coloration Transparent Liquid Transparent Liquid
Viscosity@25 ordmC(mpa.s) 380-450 30-40
Combine Ratio(by weight) two one
Hardness(Shored) seventy five-eighty
Operation time(100g blended glue ,25 ordmC) 50-60minutes
Curing Time(twenty five ordmC) 24-26hours
Curing Time(35 ordmC) 8hours
Curing Time(twenty five ordmC) six-12months

Tremendous Crystal Obvious Epoxy Resin1KG Resin .5KG Hardener

Item Gain

* Non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c
* a hundred% Reliable
* VOc Free
* Solvent Free of charge
* Crystal Clear
* Epoxy Resin and hardener,mix ratio of 2:1
* Thick Pour to 2 quot-4 quot

1. Mirror-Like Crystal Obvious End
The Greatest super damp with gloss complete with unpXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.leled depth and clarity that is formulated to use inside of all coating and step casting programs

two. Substantial-Quality EPTResistance

All epoXiHu (West Lake) will flip yellow extra time. What can make our Tremendous very clear Epoxy resin crystal obvious package distinct is our specific large-quality additive formulation. Ours will yellow considerably less and continue being ultra-crystal-obvious in excess of a EPTer period of time than any of our opponents. Our goods are made for you, and made to last, bar none.

3. Combine Colour With Relieve

Perfectly suited for accepting and dispersing mica powEPTpigments, liquid pigments paste and liquor inks and dyes.It is the ideal epoxy for evenly distributing color and suspending inks and powders. Paint, acrylic paint and oil dependent paint are not recommended to use with epoxy, and can have adverse outcomes.

4.Food and drug administration Grade ampMSDS
To consiEPTa item meals risk-free, the conclude product need to be tested. Considering that each and every task is produced by a distinct artisan and not in the very same actual way, and our merchandise will come in two parts that have to be combined, each and every completed piece must be analyzed. Once Super Distinct EPTble Prime Epoxy has remedied, it gets safe, for each Fda code, 21CFR175.three hundred which states quotReEPTus and polymeric coatings may possibly be safely utilised as the foods make contact with surface area of content articles intended for use in creating, producing,EPT, processing, planning, managing, EPT, transporting, or EPT food quot and can be utilised as a quotfunctional barrier amongst the meals and the substrate quot and quotintended for recurring meals-speak to and use. quot

5.Superior System for Strengt With tables, desk tops and counter tops you need to have longevity.That’s why we crafted an epoxy formulation with an 80 Shore D Energy Score when totally cured.

6. one hundred% VOC Free of charge amp Pretty much Odorless ampSelf Leveling ampZero Shrinking

Tremendous Crystal Very clear Epoxy Resin1KG Resin .5KG Hardener

How to use

Step 1: The perfect functioning temperature is close to a continual 77 degF. Best outcomes can be acquired at constant temperatures amongst 70 degF and eighty five degF, in a thoroughly clean, dry, dust-cost-free atmosphere. Keep away from doing work in substantial humidity. We suggest using this merchandise on a leveled and flat operate surface area.

Stage 2: Measure merchandise in accordance with your meant use. Put together two components Foundation Resin to 1 part Curing Agent by liquid volume.Pour the Curing Agent initial and then the Foundation Resin into a cleanse, clean-sided container large enough to keep all the liquid and permit room for miXiHu (West Lake)

Phase 3: The content should be blended extensively for at the very least 3 minutes. Be positive to scrape the container sides, base, and corners as you mix. Be cautious not to whip abnormal air into the combination. If miXiHu (West Lake) a gallon, use a EPT mixer established to quothand velocity. quot For smaller sized portions, use stir sticks. Do not combine much more than a gallon. Pour into a new, clear container and mix for an added moment.

Stage four: Pour the blended resin on to the surface area and distribute evenly with a squeegee or gloved hand. Continue to pour remaining material to accomplish the sought after thickness, making it possible for the resin to flow evenly above the project’s sides. Resin can be poured up to one/four quot thick per pour.

Stage 5: Use a heat resource this kind of as a heat gun to remove any bubbles by including a modest quantity of heat to the encompassing location. The bubble will increase to the floor and pop.

Action six: If you are likely to make a next pour, the 1st pour ought to nevertheless be marginally sticky. Once the next pour is created, bubbles could when yet again require to be taken out. Material will feel tough soon after forty five-60 minutes, remedy to the stage of workability in 24 hrs, but complete treatment and maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum hardness can require up to seven times, relying on the temperature.


Neutral Package deal





Accept package deal and label OEM ampODM


1.Q: What’s the very best way to combine this?

A: You may want to make certain that you have 2 parts foundation resin and one portion curing agent measured specifically, by volume. Pour each into your miXiHu (West Lake) bucket, and we recommend miXiHu (West Lake) by hand for at least three minutes and amongst 3-5 minutes or till it is completely combined. Be mindful to scrape the

sides even though miXiHu (West Lake), but when pouring, do not scrape the sides. This can impart unmixed materials that could cling to the side and has not been included. Will not fret about any bubbles in the mixture, they will all operate them selves out.

2.Q: How EPT does it just take to heal, and what temperatures can I pourthis in?

A: Our ideal atmosphere temperature assortment is 72 deg – 84 degF (in a clear, temperature controlled environment. In that temperature selection, it will start to gel in 20-30 minutes, and heal rock challenging inside 24 several hours.Temperatures unEPT70 deg will slow the curing process even much more, and the nearer you get to sixty deg the curing approach will cease. Above eighty five deg, it will begin to accelerate curing, top to cracking, shrinking and other unfavorable outcomes.

3.Q: Is your epoxy Food and drug administration Compliant?

A: The brief response is, of course. Once our epoxy has healed, it becomes secure,for each Fda code, 21CFR175.300 which states quotReEPTus and polymeric coatings may be safely utilized as the meals-contact floor of articlesintended for use in creating, production, EPT, processing,

getting ready, treating, EPT, transporting, or EPT meals quot and can be utilised as a quotfunctional barrier among the foods and the substrate quot.

four.When Can I Demould?

A: Our optimum atmosphere temperature assortment is seventy two deg – 84 degF in a clean temperature managed setting. In that temperature selection, you can demould among eighteen and 24 hours, and its ideal workability will be at 24-thirty hours. At thirty hours it will sand and plane as easy as wood!

Two-Component Super Tire Liquid Crystal Transparent Epoxy Resin Adhesive for Wood Crafts

Two-Component Super Tire Liquid Crystal Transparent Epoxy Resin Adhesive for Wood Crafts