Want to arrive a friend home, exclaim, admire the sitting room of someone else background wall paper very beautiful;
Don’t head to decorate a residence carpenter to ask you: you would like to paint or wallpaper, you can’t tell!
Don’t tell the building materials market to see a roll of wallpaper a lot more than 100 still shout expensive!
Usually do not covet because of cheap, chose random miscellaneous brand glue, destroyed wallpaper does not say, the key is troublesome and dispirited!

What time could it be now? You’re OUT without wallpaper.

1. Strong decorative effect
Wall paper color is rich, still have different simple sense style, its adornment effect is very good. And the wallpaper of general import brand still has advanced stylist to hold back relating to bedroom, sitting room, dining-room, children space to create different design wallpaper to offer everybody choice.

Easy to displace
If you want to update the wallpaper, just take away the top corner of the old wallpaper and tear it off completely. Leave the paper base on the wall structure. If paper bottom and wall stick firm, new wall paper can be mounted on it. The businessman that sells wallpaper can provide professional construction typically, an apartment of more than 100 square metre, half a day is transformed over, and switch wallpaper also will not affect living.

3. Not quickly damaged
Beneath the general impact, wallpaper isn’t easy to be damaged, unlike the general latex paint wall is very easy to knock off the skin. Furthermore, if there are kids in the house, children prefer to graffiti on the wall, adhesive, wallpaper wall is not afraid. General waterborne color pen could be very easily eliminated, the adhesive that affixed can be easy to remove.

Color lasts
General brush the metope of brunet Original Wallpapers emulsioni lacquer a couple of years later on color can have bigger change, but paper vinyl film wallpaper has stronger oxidation resistance force, color isn’t easy to fade.

Five, the crack
The metope that brush emulsioni lacquer is general two years can have craze case. Specifically in some dry cities in the north. And pasted wallpaper can be impossible to appear the case of metope craze, unless wall structure body craze.

6. Washable
No matter the emulsioni paint metope that resists scrubbing once again cannot use wet towel to clean, and paper bottom vinyl film wallpaper since the surface area provides waterproof film, dirty still can use catharsis spirit, soft wool brush await cleaning, very convenient.