Superfine Micropowder Graphite

Superfine MicropowEPTEPT :

Organization takes innovative air EPT milling gear to total the crushing of the ultra-good graphite.

Available for products 1250~12500mesh (ten~one mum), according to customers’ necessity. Goods

with carbon content 90~ninety nine.nine% are widely utilised in the area of lithium battery content

(conductive agent), electrical carbon, chemical, metallurgy, rubber, plastic etc.

Primary Use:

one. Lithium battery anode and cathode substance conductive agent and other additives.

2. Mole launch lubricant in the creation of ferEPTzer business catalyst.

3. Foundation content of substantial temperature lubricant and corrosion-resistant lubricant.

four. Content of powEPTmetallurgy mole launch agent and steel alloy, be ready to boost

the power of factors.

five. Utilized for the production of carbon film resistors, conductive dry movie and conductive liquid.

6. Filler or functionality improver of rubber, plastic and a variety of composite materials.

2. Amorphous graphite powEPTis widely utilized in metal and iron casting as carbon additive to enhance carbon articles of metal or iron. Our item is of higher good quality and at reduced price.


Fixed carbon(FC): 70%, seventy five%, seventy eight%, 80%, 83%, eighty five%

Unstable make a difference: Considerably less than four%, much less than three%

Sulfer: Much less than .two%, considerably less than .one%, much less than .05%

Grain size: 1-3mm, 1-5mm, one-6mm, one-8mm, one-10mm, 1-30mm, .three-3mm. Also

EPT PowEPTAlso in Mesh measurement -325 Mesh , 325 Mesh ,200Mesh and others .

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Superfine Micropowder Graphite

Superfine Micropowder Graphite