Sodium Trypolyphosphate STPP as Soft Water Agent

sodium trypolyphosphate stpp as soft water agent

As a chained condensation compound of phosphate soluble in drinking water, it has two eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting types: Na5P3O10(Anhydrous) and Na5P3O10 #82266H2O(Crystal). The certain gravity of Na5P3O10 #82266H2O is two.twelve, that of Na5P3O10 is .5-.6, melting level for equally is 622 degC. Anhydrous Na5P3O10 is capable of absorbing humidity with its aqueous resolution becoming alkalinity and will be hydrolyzed to ortho-phosphates It can have emulsification, suspension and dispersion of mEPTand oil it has powerful buffering consequences with PH benefit among four.3-14.


Merchandise Tech quality
EPT Tripolyphosphate (Na5PthreeO10) 94% Min
Phosphorus PentaoXiHu (West Lake) (P2O5) fifty seven.% Min
Insoluble Make a difference In Drinking water .ten% Max
Ferrum(Fe) .015% Max
PH Price (1% solution) nine.two – ten.
Whiteness ninety% Min
Bulk Density (g/cm3) .5 – one.
Prase I 20-forty

Merchandise Benefit:
* 94% Min
* Softener Tough H2o
* Simply Soluble In H2o
* OutstXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. Emulsification
* Remarkable Chelating Potential
* Enhance the Sale WeigEPT of Seafood
* Without having Causticity
* EPTly Identified As Secure By Usa Meals and Drug Administration

As principal synthetic detergent builder, as soft drinking water agent, as detergent creating foaming agent, as emulsifier of oils and greases, as peptizing agents as PH buffers, and to provide alkalinity. Utilised in petroleum business as peptizing and deflocculation agents in oil well drilling muds, sequestration in cotton boiling, catalyst of organic synthesis bath h2o g softening, red and black h2o management, catholic corrosion inhibitor, It can be utilised in syntheticing rubber and fiber making EPT.

Bundle and Storage
Deal: 25kg pp bag, 25MT/20’FCL OEM EPT is available

Keep away from h2o or dampness, do not pile up the open air.

Sodium Trypolyphosphate STPP as Soft Water Agent

Sodium Trypolyphosphate STPP as Soft Water Agent