Manufacture Extinguishing Agent Bc Powder Sodium Bicarbonate

Manufacture extinguishing agent bc powEPTsodium bicarbonate

1 Chemical Name: EPT Bicarbonate
two Molecular System: NaHCO3
3 Molecular Bodyweight:-
four CAS:a hundred and forty four-55-8
5 Character: White powEPTor little crystals, inodorous and salty, very easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcoholic beverages, presenting
somewhat alkalinity, decomposed when heating. Decomposed slowly when exposd to moist air.
Organic soda is to start with dissolved into resolution (Na2CO3) and filtrated. The very clear resolution is then fed to carbonizing tower
appropriately, CO2 is compressed and bubbled up from the bottom of the tower, After carbonization, the slurry will be flowed from the bottom and separated. Dried to the concluded item.


Product Industry Quality Foodstuff Quality

Total Alkali(Top quality Fraction of NaHCO3 Dry Basis) ge%

99 99.-one hundred.five
Loss of Ignition le% .fifteen .2
PH 90(10g /L ) le% eight.five 8.five

NaCl (Quality Fraction of NaCl Dry Basis) le%

.two .four

As Quality Portion (Dry Basis)mg/kg le

one 1

Pb High quality Portion( Dry Foundation)mg/kg le

5 5
Ammonium Go the check
Clarity Move the examination
White ge eighty five

Fe Quality Portion (Dry Foundation) le%

Insolution in H2o le% .02

SO4 Top quality Portion (Dry Basis) le%


Ca Quality Fraction (Dry Foundation) le%


25kgs/1000kgs woven baggage with PE liner inside

or according to customer’s request.


Employed as foods fermentation, detergent ingredient, carbondoXiHu (West Lake) foamer, pharmacy, leather-based, ore milling and
metallurgy, detergent for wool, extinguisher and steel heat-dealing with, fiber and rubber EPT.


In 25Kg/50Kg/1000Kg/1200Kg PP-PE woven bag

Manufacture Extinguishing Agent Bc Powder Sodium Bicarbonate

Manufacture Extinguishing Agent Bc Powder Sodium Bicarbonate