Walls are decorated with wallpapers, and style and graphic design are often the focus of selection. Xiaobian tells you several clever wallpaper layout Classic Wallcovering strategies, using the patterns of the wallpaper itself, as well as the matching of materials and light in the home to make a new room space effect.
Mosaic method
The use of wallpaper is not in the quantity, only one or two decorative walls have become a popular way of paving.

How exactly to lay: Brush the wall structure of the wallpaper to be unified with the background color of the wallpaper, or utilize the same color simple wallpaper as the background color. Then place the patterned wallpaper on, the decorative aftereffect of the pattern is definitely more prominent.

The designer recommends that the color of the accessories end up being as uniform while possible with the backdrop color of the wallpaper to form a complete spatial effect.
Popular classical
The ancient patterns are reinterpreted with a variety of popular colors, recreating the classic look.

How to lay: Wallpapers and curtains continue the same pattern, creating outstanding visual effects.
Designer’s suggestion: Focus on the traditional decorative details applied to furniture and accessories, such as for example tassels and buttons. Shiny and bright shades add vitality to the add-ons.

Exaggerated big flower
Exaggerated flower patterns often bring amazing ornamental effects.

How exactly to lay: for the decoration of the living area theme wall, the width of the paving is preferably the width of three wallpaper rolls. The rest of the wall could be painted with ordinary wallpaper or wall paint, and the color can be chosen from a neutral color.

The developer suggested that the wallpaper will be laid out and usually the rest will be left. You can crop another two squares and set them in the frame to permit the theme to continue.