Along the way of Stone paper Wallpapers wallpaper paving, many people believe compared with parquet wallpaper, plain wallpaper is simpler and far more convenient to use without mosaic. As it happens that simple wallpapers are simple and easy to construct because they have no patterns, but the relative stitching requirements are even more stringent. Plain colors, especially darker plain shades, are relatively more prone to seam complications. If the plain wallpaper includes a seam phenomenon, what’s the explanation for judging the seam? Then take the right approach.

1. There is a gap
If the seam sometimes appears at 1.5m on the front side, there is no color difference in the wallpaper. Is it serious to cope with the seams during structure? Most of the causes of the seams are caused by construction problems.
1. If the wallpaper is usually a rubberized wallpaper, you can wet the seam with a wet towel, open the wallpaper glue, carefully pry open up the wallpaper, and then use the wallpaper softener to soften the wallpaper to extend the wallpaper and repair the seams.
2. If it is a natural paper wallpaper or a non-woven wallpaper, there is almost no stretchability, so that it can’t be repaired by the above technique. The base can be shaded with a paint-coated seam that’s very similar in color to the wallpaper.
2.Yin and Yang
If there is obviously no overall feeling between your wallpaper strips at 1.5m on leading side, the seams of the wallpapers are handled good in close distances, and there is absolutely no obvious seam phenomenon. It appears that the wallpaper looks like a color difference, and the color difference at the seam is relative to the obvious law of deep-shallow-deep-light or shallow-deep-shallow-deep, which may be due to the yin and yang.
Find the label of this wallpaper and see if there is an alternate label on the top and bottom level of the label – ↑↓.

1. If there is, it requires to be alternately pasted according to the logo design, ie: shallow-shallow-deep-deep relative to prevent the phenomenon of yin and yang.
2. If there is no logo design, it is caused by the quality problem of the wallpaper. There is absolutely no solution in fact it is necessary to react to the wallpaper sales workplace.

3 white side
If the bottom paper is found to be slightly longer when the dark wallpaper is constructed, you will see a white advantage at the seam following the construction. The gap is clearly visible at a distance of just one 1.5 m from leading of the wall.

1. Because the wallpaper isn’t constructed with plain wallpaper, the seam could be treated by the method of edging.
2. If the wallpaper has been built, it can be used in the same color as the wallpaper. (This is a versatile method)

4 overflow glue
The plain wallpaper isn’t simple to erase after filled with glue, and there are residual rubber marks after rubbing.
1. When constructing, make sure to check whether there is an “up and down alternate” construction mark on the wallpaper label. When there is this logo, the wallpaper ought to be positively and negatively posted. When there is still a positive and negative surface phenomenon, you can try normal stickers again.
2, plain color non-woven wallpaper construction should stay away from spilling glue, avoid wiping, after the wiping strength is definitely large, it may leave traces. If you are unfortunate plenty of to spill the glue, you should wipe the spilled glue in the smallest range, and the softer color of the simple wallpaper ought to be gentle.
3, rubber surface simple wallpaper, the first wallpaper paste for half an hour must focus on check whether the seams of the wallpaper have got offset printing. If there is offset printing, it means that the rubberized wallpaper can’t overflow, and the glue will keep traces.