Wallpaper, referred to as “wall fashion.”
Decorating the home with wallpaper has been in Europe for a large number of years. After the birth of the first generation of wallpaper in China in the 1970s, China’s wallpaper market continued to build up and innovate. The image-rich wallpaper has changed the monotonous paint as the initial choice for house decoration.

Soft, why choose wallpaper?
1 wallpaper is the most environmentally friendly
Home is a warm harbor. When people create a “warm harbor”, they are often considered safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, when selecting furniture, decorative components and accessories, Vinyl Wallpaper protection and environmental protection will be put 1st. “The rise of consumer rights, more and more attention to environmentally friendly attributes of products, which demand influence also determines the product development idea of wallpaper companies and the marketplace product structure.” Yiye Haishu regards environmental security as an important product development concept. All products are developed and stated in an environmentally safe manner.

2 wallpaper multifunction
To be able to protect the wall, extend the utilization time of the home, and enhance the comfort of living, many people decide to add decoration on the top of initial wall. The wallpaper with put on resistance, crack level of resistance and anti-pollution function may be the most suitable choice. “A white wall is too monotonous, with wallpaper attached, and the wall structure is like putting on a windproof and rainproof clothing. Furthermore, leaning against the wall with beautiful wallpaper, there is no need to get worried about the dirt falling off the beaten track. Personally i think very comfortable in such a home,” said customers who love wallpaper.

3 wallpaper is more convenient
The decoration is an individual effort, and several those who have experienced the decoration have a deep understanding, and it is troublesome to install and move around in and stay after the maintenance. Many people decide to use wallpaper, which can be a thought of post-maintenance issues.
At present, mainstream wallpapers, nonwoven fabrics, and natural papers are popular in the market. It could be cleaned with common feathers, sponges, and additional common tools. It is extremely convenient.

4 wallpaper art
The lady with a sultry face can be vivid when she talks about her eyebrows. The same is true for houses. When they are shipped, they are rough and initial. After using wallpaper and house decoration, they become warm and romantic.
The wallpaper industry is rolling out to this day, the product structure out there is extremely comprehensive, there are a number of different components, different crafts, different colors and patterns of wallpaper for people to select. Delicate flowers, elegant moiré, vertical stripes with lines, you can think about it, you can find it available. Different wallpapers have different personalities, and they are decorated with a warm, stylish and personalized home.