Dptt-70 Prepared Rubber Accelerator Factory Price

Rubber Accelerator DPTT-70

CHEMICAL Identify:Dipentamethylene thiuramhexasulfide
MOLECULAR System: CtwelveHtwentyN2Seight
CHEMICAL Structure:
CAS NO:971-15-3
High quality STHangZhouRD:

Energetic Material(%) 70 Carrier SBR/TPR
Visual appeal LigEPT Yellow Granules Melting Level 108 ordmC min
Mesh 100 Ash Content .five% max
Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 50 ordmC le50 Volatile Content material .three% max
Sulfur Factor(%) forty.5 63 microm Sieve Residue .five% max
Density(g/Cm sup3) one.25
Composition A homogeneous combination of dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulphide and polymeric binEPTat 70/30 ratio

BinEPTtype can be EPT. Besides SBR/TPR, other people binders, these kinds of as EPDM,NBR also can be offered for.


DPTT-70 is a quick curing accelerator for organic and artificial rubbers,with the speediest curing speed between thiurams,acts as an secondary accelerator merged with MBTS for CSM compounds,which can also as a curing agent


.35-3.5phr typically


Web weigEPT 25kg/PE luggage lined carton Web weigEPT 600 kg/pallet.
Shelf-existence: 12 thirty day period in its original EPT
Saved in a dry and amazing spot.

Dptt-70 Prepared Rubber Accelerator Factory Price

Dptt-70 Prepared Rubber Accelerator Factory Price