Crumb Rubber Powder 30-80 Mesh Supplier in China

crumb rubber powEPT30-80 mesh supplier in China

Rubber powEPT(Tire powder), also known as rubber dust, is named the rubber area of used tires. It removes the curtain meridian and is pulverized.

Rubber PowEPT(Tyre powder) use:

one. Waterproof building resources sector: Today’s waterproof materials such as rubber asphalt coils, waterproof grease and so on.

two. Expressway: In the earlier, pure asphalt was utilized, and higher-grade pavements were essential to be blended with rubber powder, which not only decreased the value but also improved the service life.

three. Stadium keep track of, airstrip, and golf program are all created of waste rubber powder.

four, powdered rubber powder: the waste rubber powEPTprocessed into 60 mesh -80 mesh, right do activated rubber powder, can also directly do rubber products, so that the reclaimed rubber approach will decrease a great deal of procedures, and the desire for activated rubber powEPTis big ,Wide potential customers.

five, coloration composite rubber ground tiles: anti-static flooring tiles, the use of granular squander rubber powder, making use of a exclusive method to make color composite flooring tiles and anti-static ground, appropriate for swimming EPTs, kitchens, bogs and personal computer management cEPTr area, water-resistant Or use in anti-static conditions, the prospective customers are very good, and the revenue are significant.

six, in other items into the rubber powder: this sort of as motor car brake pads, flame retardant components, audio insulation components, rubber and plastic bottom, window sealant strips.

7. Composite coating: chemical sealant, which is produced into composite coating for rubber composite tile coating, exterior wall coating, anti-corrosion coating and other EPT. With the huge price tag increase of new rubber powEPTin the world, the long term of recycled rubber powEPTis far more comprehensive, and the software of squander rubber is deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) in a direction of limited supply.

According the Mesh, the rubber powEPT(Tyre powder) Application:

eight-twenty mesh: mainly utilized in runways, highway cushions, bolsters, lawns, paving elastic levels, sports pavements, and so on.
30-forty mesh: largely utilised in the production of recycled rubber, modified rubber powder, paving, production of rubber sheets, and so on.
forty-60 mesh: referred to as wonderful rubber powder, used to rubber rubber filling, plastic modification, and so forth.
sixty-eighty mesh: named wonderful rubber powder, mostly utilized in vehicle tires, rubber merchandise, creating resources, and many others.
eighty-one hundred twenty mesh: It is called fine rubber powEPTand is mostly employed in rubber products and military goods.

The pursuing is portion of the specifiacation knowledge of our EPT tire reclaimed rubber,we also in the positon to produce the merchandise according to your EPT ask for on the high quality(like odour,fineness,S/G and many others. ask for).

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Crumb Rubber Powder 30-80 Mesh Supplier in China

Crumb Rubber Powder 30-80 Mesh Supplier in China