Coating Powder Sublimation Paper for Digital Printing

Sticky Sublimation Coating Powder
Sticky sublimation coating powEPTis particularly designed and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed for the elastic material transfer printing, to avert the overlap of the sample, deformation and other concerns of elastic material in the procedure of transfer, ensuing in a really reduced go fee of transfer printing.
one For the duration of the transferring, the sticky coating powEPTcould be capable to stick the fabric and paper, but there is no glue residue on the material soon after stripping
2 The stickiness of the fabric and paper can be altered by the manufacturer of the transfer paper unEPTthe tips of our organization and the viscosity is far more stable, which can be saved for a EPT time.

Higher Concentration Sublimation Coating Powder
For the existing higher-speed coating EPTs, our firm independently deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.s a strong content of more than thirty% of the coating chemical – high focus coating powder. On the foundation of no increasing in fees, the coating pace could be substantially enhanced, and production capacity will be doubled than the quickly-dry coating powders.

For large-speed coating EPT generation, coating company must have a mature coating engineering.

Quick-dry Sublimation Coating Powder
The formulation of the very first technology of EPT sublimation transfer paper coating is widely utilised in the market place, but gradually it cannot be matched with the requirement of substantial-velocity printer thanks to the large value, low generation effectiveness and gradual drying of printing coating.
Nano-induced secondary self-assembly methods of this coating materials, are significantly improved in the following factors:

1 The general value of this fast-dry blended powEPTis lowered whilst the usability of the powEPTremains unchanged

two This quick-day coating powEPTcan increase the efficiency of coating generation, and the production speed can be promoted by more than twenty five%.

3 Due to functional advancement, the printing drying charge of this product has been improved a lot more than 1 time, and it can savelarge quantity of electrical EPT from the baking lamp.

How to use our coating powEPT:

  1. Introducing proportional h2o into stirring tank, preserve h2o temperature as very same as area temperature.
  2. Put EPT bag coating powEPTslowly into agitator although stirring, and hold stirring until the chemical powEPTdissolving uniformly into drinking water, no lump on the floor of liquid. The dissolution time relies upon on the strategy of agitator.
  3. EPTking some samples of carrying out exams following dissolving, and get notes of glue temperature and corresponding viscosity, ensure the qualified tests result ahead of filtration.
  4. Two occasions of filtration just before coating on EPT with 800-100mesh filter
  5. The liquid glue stay on EPT is recyclable while coating. It need to be via filter display screen once again and can be utilised in miXiHu (West Lake) with refreshing liquid coating chemicals.

Coating Powder Sublimation Paper for Digital Printing

Coating Powder Sublimation Paper for Digital Printing