CAS 10361-94-1 Flame Retardant Zinc Borate 3.5H2O

Item Data

The specification/COA of EPT Retardant Zinc Borate (three.five) (CAS NO.1332-07-six)

Specialized specifications

Take a look at results

ZnO %


37.fifty eight


forty seven.5+/-1


Visual appeal drinking water%



Sieve Residue

le .0005


Crystal h2o %

fourteen+/- .5


Pb ppm

le ten


As ppm

le 2


Cd ppm

le five


Cr ppm

le 5


P report size

one-five um



ge ninety seven

ninety eight.five

Expiry date

Apr , 1 2018


Zinc borate is inorganic addition flame retardant. it has very good hot security, stops buring and vanishes smokings. It can exchange antimonous oXiHu (West Lake) but also be used with other inorganic flame retardant. Extensively utilized in rubber, plastic, wooden, cable, coating, and so forth.Zinc borate,modified can completely replace zinc borate. It have the edge of reduced price, better impact stops buring and vanishes smokings.


25 KG/BAG, PALLETIZED, eighteen MT/20’GP
twenty five KG/BAG, NO PALLET, 23 MT/20’GP
THE Item Should BE Stored UNEPT DRY AND Clean Circumstances IN ITS Unique EPT.THE Dampness May possibly Increase IF NOT UNEPT DRY Situation.

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CAS 10361-94-1 Flame Retardant Zinc Borate 3.5H2O

CAS 10361-94-1 Flame Retardant Zinc Borate 3.5H2O