Carbon Black N330 for Rubber & Tires


Solution:Carbon Black
Molecular Fat:twelve.5717
StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd:GB3778-2003
Properties: Dark black powder, it has substantial tensile anxiety, great processing efficiency, higher rebounding performance and high fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility.It is broadly utilised in different fields.

1. Grade

1)carbon black N220

High abrasion resistance and crack resistance, in comparison with N110, fastened and minimal pressure and reduced dispersion is better.Bolt-on carbon black to tire tread, large good quality EPT rubber products and higher load conveyor belt.

2)carbon black N330

With very good abrasion resistance and middling lag.Tires with beam layer, the tire, strong tyres, roller outer and hose surface, EPT rubber merchandise, automobile tire tread.

3)carbon black N550

In the comfortable black selection has the greatest reinforcing performance, exceptional performance, low EPT charge.Tire entire body and inner tube, rubber hose, extruding bar, seal, die EPT rubber products, and many others.

four)carbon black N660

In contrast with N550, reinforcing sex is low, the structure is reduced, substantial growth sort, fill the amount is bigger.Tire physique and interior tube, rubber ordinary moulding and extrusion programs, monolayer dampness technique items.


No. Title of Solution
N220 N330 N550 N660
1 Iodine Absorption Worth,g/kg 121 plusmn7 eighty two plusmn7 43 plusmn6 36 plusmn6
two DBP Absorption Price,10-5m sup3/kg 114 plusmn7 102 plusmn7 121 plusmn7 90 plusmn7
3 DBP Absorption of Compressed sample,10-5m sup3/kg 90-106 80-ninety six 77-93 sixty six-82
4 CTAB Absorption Region,103m2/kg 102-a hundred and twenty seventy three-ninety one 35-forty nine 29-forty three
five Adsorptive Distinct Surface area Region of Nitrogen, 103m2/kg 106 plusmn9 75 plusmn9 39 plusmn9 34 plusmn9
6 Nitrogen Absorption Surface area Location, 103m2/kg 112-126 71-85 34-46 29-forty one
seven Tint Intensity, % 108-124 96-112
eight Decrement Right after Heating,% le 2.five two.5 one.5 one.five
nine Ash, % le .7 .seven .7 .7
ten forty five microm Sieve Residue, % le .100 .one hundred .one hundred .a hundred
11 a hundred and fifty microm Sieve Residue, % le .001 .001 .001 .001
12 EPTurities
13 300% Stretching Stress, Mpa ge -two.three plusmn1.6 -.nine plusmn1.6 -.nine plusmn1.six -two.six plusmn1.6

three. Software

Carbon black is a basic substance with a EPT background, and it has been utilised as a coloring agent because the daEPTbefore Christ.Given that carbon black has nano-particles with a variety of functions such as extremely-violet absorption and conductivity, it is nonetheless becoming applied to new fields this sort of as digital equipment and units.Some apps of carbon black, which is a conventional nevertheless new content, are proven underneath.

1 ) Coloring Agent for Ink and Paints
Carbon black has greater tinting energy in contrast to iron black or organic pigments, and is extensively used for newspaper inks, printing inks, India inks, and paints.Carbon black is also used as black pigment for EPT ink or toners.

two ) Resin and Movie Coloring Brokers
Carbon black has higher tinting power and is thermally stable, and therefore it is appropriate for coloring resins and movies that are warmth-formed.Carbon black is also excellent for absorbing ultraviolet mild, supplying each a excellent resistance towards ultraviolet raEPTand a coloring influence when just a modest amount is combined with resins.Carbon black is extensively utilized for EPT coloring for resins and movies.Resins with carbon black are used in car bumpers, wire coverings and steel pipe linings which demand temperature resistance in certain.

three ) Electrical Conductive Agent
Carbon black particles have the graphite-type crystalline construction, supplying an exceptional electric conductivity.Therefore, carbon black is extensively utilized as conductive filler, being blended in plastics, elastomer, paints, adhesives, films, and pastes.
Gasoline caps and gas-introducing pipes of automobiles, for instance, are essential of electric powered conductivity for stopping static.For that reason, carbon black is used as an excellent antistatic agent.

4 ) Digital Products Relevant Content

Carbon black also provides steady resistance, and as a result is utilised as digital gear associated materials in various display factors, magnetic recording materials, and OA rolls.
In addition, Mitsubishi Chemical has been deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) carbon black with numerous combined functions for EPT purposes.

four. Bundle

PP woven bag net 25kg 500kg 1000kg or EPT.
14MT/ 20′ container (luggage with pallets)
16MT/20′ container (bags without having pallets)

EPT Device Dimension (cm) Folded EPT Dimension (cm)
(1 ton)
20kg/bag 65*45*fifteen 105*105*230
500kg/bag a hundred and five*105*130 one hundred and five*105*230
1000kg/bag one hundred and five*a hundred and five*230 105*a hundred and five*230

Carbon Black N330 for Rubber & Tires

Carbon Black N330 for Rubber & Tires