98% Zinc Oxide ZnO Manufacturer, Direct Process

98 percnt Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) Dis.de solZnO Company comma Direct Procedure

one periodProduct Specification colon

Ceramic ZnO Product ID colon SP-009
Molecular Method colon ZnO
Molecular Weight colon eighty one period834

two periodPerformance colon white powder comma
has the density of five period606
the melting stage of 1975 ordm C comma
insoluble in h2o or ethanol and soluble in acid solbase remedy interval

It can reduce the enlargement coefficient of glaze and boost the thermal security of merchandise comma and has excellent higher heat vibration and mechanical vibration impact in the course of the manufacturing of ceramic merchandise period

It has big particular floor area and strong hiding EPT comma commendably overcomes the affect of the coloration of foundation content on the surface color of ceramic products comma and can enhance glaze gloss and elasticity interval

3 periodApplication colon
It is primarily used as flux comma opacifier and crystallizing agent for creating cerulean blue glaze comma ceramic pigment comma and many others period

When the product is used as uncooked content of coloured glaze comma its reduced iron content material makes ceramic items have little coloration aberration and very good glossiness interval

four periodEPT colon
Polypropylene woven bags or kraft paper bags with a plastic film liner comma twenty five kg in net weigEPT each

98% Zinc Oxide ZnO Manufacturer, Direct Process

98% Zinc Oxide ZnO Manufacturer, Direct Process