50micron High Silica Fiberglass Powder

50micron large silica fiberglass powder/High-silica glass fiber is a variety of higher-temperature inorganic fiber,SiO2 is a lot more than 96%,loss on ignition is less than 3%,has superb chemical security,excellent dielectric qualities.300mesh substantial-silica fiberglass powder is manufactured of by milled higher-silica fiberglass strands,employed for strengthening phenolic plastic,make ablation and ablative items.Extensively used in rockets,missiles, spacecraft thermal ablation resources higher temperature insulation, insulation materials,higher temperature coating,paint,glue.and so forth

Technical specs:

Model: XGHSP7300
Coloration: White
Fiberglass kind: High-silica
Mesh: 300
Filament diameter ( mum): seven
Common fiber length( mum): fifty
Factor ratio: seven.1:1
Bulk density(g/cc): .sixty five
SiO2(%): gt96
B2O3(%): le1.
Al2O3(%): le1.five
LOI(%): lt3.
Moisture(%): le0.twenty
Sizing: silane

Attributes Positive aspects:
one, softening point close to 1700 ordmC,EPT-phrase use in the 900 ordmC setting,and immediately can endure 1000’s of degrees of air flow brush.
2, in natural and inorganic acids (hydrofluoric acid,phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid excEPTd) even at high temperatures,weak alkaline remedy to keep good performance and steadiness.
3,meeting the thermal shock and substantial radiation,it has a substantial security,exceptional insulation properties in high temperature and high humidity conditions and excellent adhesion houses with large temperature adhesive.
four,resistance of moisture,SunligEPT radiation and seismic,can be used for a range of sealing materials,sound construction,in a lot of large-temperature problems to maintain fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility.
five,the framework and efficiency stability,no hurt to the XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n entire body,can replace the ceramic fiber and asbestos fibers (large temperature crystalline section adjust occurred).
six,anti-substantial temperature fireplace,burning in the gasoline with out oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dization,no colour shifting,high power,no secondary pollution.
7,with good wear resistance and insulation houses.

The product need to be keep dry in their authentic baggage and stored in a suitable place,preferably at room temperature with 35-65% relative humidity.Keep away from the sunshine, rain and fire.


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50micron High Silica Fiberglass Powder

50micron High Silica Fiberglass Powder