2020 Hot Sale Superfine High Whiteness Talc Powder

2019 hot sale Superfine higher whiteness EPTlc powder

Our talcum powder is extracted from our very own mines, wich consists of no asbestos or other hazardous contaminants.
Raw components is sorted by hand, cleaned, dried, and sterilized with ultra-violet light-weight.
Finished items are benign, odorless, incredibly delicate and has superb dispersibility.

one. Paint Grade Chemical And Bodily Qualities:

Chemical composition Knowledge
Whiteness ge ninety one%
Certain Gravity two.7g/ml
Oil Obsorption 25
Dimensions(Fineness) 325mesh
PH 9-ten
Humidity le .fifty%
L.O.I. (800oC) le six%-22%
Abrasion Diploma 80-one hundred
SiO2 35-sixty two%
MgO 32%
Fe2O3 .5%
CaO .7%
Al2O3 .five%
Density (g/cm3) two.six-two.eight
Oil absorption capability 20.-50.
Go fee(forty five mum) ge ninety eight%

two. Actual physical Homes And Principal Applications:
EPTlc powEPThas houses of lubricity, viscous resistance, flowing boosting, fire resistance, acEPTresistance, insulativity, large melting position, inactive EPTchemismus, excellent masking EPT, soft, great shining, good adsorptivity.

Primary Application
Food sector
Cosmetics(Face, baby powder,
human body powder)
Plastic market
Paper-generating, and so forth

3.Chemnical properites of all series top quality:

Sio2 ge thirty% 35% fifty% fifty five% sixty%
Mgo ge 30% 30% 30% thirty% thirty%
Cao le .5% .5% .five% .5% .5%
Fe2o3 le .five% .5% .3% .3% .three%
Al2o3 le .3% .three% .three% .three% .3%
Whiteness ge 95.86% 93% ninety% ninety one% 90%
L.O.I le six.5% 6.five% seven.% six.5% six.5%
PH seven-9 seven-9 seven-9 seven-nine seven-nine
Asbestos free of charge cost-free free of charge cost-free free of charge
Dampness .three-.5% .3-.five% .three-.5% .3-.5% .3-.five%

2020 Hot Sale Superfine High Whiteness Talc Powder

2020 Hot Sale Superfine High Whiteness Talc Powder