A great deal of people feel, the area of the house is too big, stay the wall structure material to spend too much money! Also many people experience, every wall structure paste the same very boring, if each wall structure paste different and dissonant.

Every arrive this type of period, I can suggest, stick a wall just, not really just won’t abrupt, still can let your household environment become instant warmness, tall go up!
1. Just stick to the wall structure of the bedside of the bedroom
The head of a bed of the bed of the bedroom background wall Silk Wallpaper affixed wall cloth, can add the warmth simple sense of the bedroom, still can enrich bedroom flavor, have the bedroom of big window especially, the head of a bed wall affixed wall cloth hind tie-in with curtain, increased the administrative levels feeling of the bedroom between invisible.
Not really only so, good wall towel has sound insulation function, tie-in with appropriate color, may effectively enhance the sleep quality of the person! A lot of advanced resort, the wall of head of a bed offers stay wall fabric or soft natural leather adornment, also end up being this principle actually.
2. Just the TV wall
TV wall is in the sitting down space commonly, the guest enters a door, the first attention is caught in the attention, the family members of majority may respect seeing that household design the 1st important placement to consider.
For the design of TV wall, a lot of individuals will consider to cooperate wine cabinet, hang a picture to wait. But because TV wall is used as well saturated can give a person congested feeling, so Television wall can be the metope that the house leaves white most frequently. At this period, in order to make household atmosphere not therefore inflexible and serious, stay wall structure towel to perform simple matting to become TV wall the two just choice.
Television wall structure is the most may reveal household design directly, showcase master be fond of and enjoy. Choose stick to stick, wall structure paper can enrich household environment greatly, foil living atmosphere.
At the same period, TV wall is the metope that every guest visits can see, when choosing a style, cannot as well individualize, want to give priority to with atmosphere elegant, must not blindly pursue individual character. Specifically when visiting a house with a huge amount of guests, the Television wall straight determines how others perceive your family.
Additional, TV wall is normally opposite in the home various other metope independence is solid, be affected by other household display is definitely reduced, on the style and collocation choose a range larger, need not consider tie-in problem painstakingly, want to be not too exaggerated only good.